Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Create your own video games startup and make it thrive with this game
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In this game, you are a young entrepreneur creating a new video games company in the early 1980's, the age of the first computers. Your goal is to create successful video games while keeping yourself updated with the newest technological developments, such as the creation and demise of platforms, the new advances in graphics and systems, and so on so you can adapt your games to those developments. You need to sell enough games to avoid bankruptcy and to make your company thrive in the competitive world of video games.

At first, your tools and choices will be limited; for example, you can only use 2D graphics since those were the only available at the time the game is set on. Also, you will work alone in a garage with a single computer. As you earn money and gain experience and skills, you will be able to use more technology, accede to new options to create games, research into new game topics, and aim your games to different targets, among other things.

A fun feature of the game is the use of nicknames to mention actual technologies from that time, such as Govodore for Commodore, Ninvento for Nintendo, and so on.

In sum, it is a fun and entertaining game that will have you hooked for hours.

The shareware version only allows you to advance until year five in the company's development. If you want to unlock the advanced characteristics that include 30 years' worth of work in the industry, new technological advancements, and more, you can purchase the full version at an affordable cost.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The game is fun an addictive
  • The cost is affordable


  • The graphics aren't so good, although this does not affect the game playing
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